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I’ll love you till the record stops


A love that’s cinema screens and summer sand, make-believe and emerald eyes, fleeting and perpetual. “To keep that girl right next to me, I’ll give my world, cuz she dances like I can’t believe.” That’s Saint Pepsi’s ode to Fiona Coyne, a fictional girl on Degrassi: TNG.

All hail Saint Pepsi. There are very few masters of the past, and this is a surprisingly young 21-year-old artist who has managed to blend together nostalgia and rhythm into a cocktail of pleasure that goes down smooth and easy.

His new record, ‘Fiona Coyne’, is a successful invocation of unabashed joy. While his earlier album, Hit Vibes, was an astounding funk throwback that recalled Cerrone and Nights at the Playboy Mansion, the new record recalls summers past and their carefree possibilities.

With simple yet evocative lyrics, the song is a hymn that pleads for a fleeting romance, for a moment captured in time – a feeling that’s mirrored by the song’s strong sense of nostalgia.

The song is itself a captured moment – a film negative that moonwalks us down to that synth-filled second when love unrequited was yet possible.


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